Abe Guthrie
Who the heck is Abe Guthrie?
Abe Guthrie (Rising Son Bio)

If you’ve been to an Arlo Guthrie concert in the past 36 years it’s likely you’ve seen Abe’s great smile, heard his adept and tasteful keyboard accompaniment along with his powerful supporting vocals.

In a recent interview Arlo was quoted: “Abe is a great musician and covers the bass for me, and whatever else I need.”
It is rare to see an Arlo show without Abe by his side.

A age 3 Abe traded a neighborhood boy his Big Wheel for a keyboard. At age 11 he was kicked out of piano lessons for playing Rock music! Abe’s first paying job at 15 was as David Bromberg’s guitar tech.

Abe started performing professionally with his father in the early
80’s, adding a transformational rock-ish keyboard to Arlo’s concerts. Displaying his incredible sense of humor, he would occasionally show up on stage wearing spikes and chains (please note that this was cool in the 80’s).

In 1984, he founded the rock group XAVIER with fellow band mates Randy Cormier (drums/vocals) and Timothy Sears (guitar/vocals). Abe played keyboards covering all the bass parts with his left hand to complete their sound. In 1991, Arlo took Xavier on tour for the next 5 years as an opening act and backing band. They still gig together  when schedules work out. Their first full-length CD, Full Circle, was released on Rising Son Records in 2000 and is now available at www.risingsonrecords.com and on Apple iTunes. Xavier is currently at work on a couple follow-up albums.

As a multi-faceted artist, Abe Guthrie has demonstrated his versatility by having a hand in many music projects worldwide. His varied roles have ranged from performance & studio musician, engineer, producer, graphic artist, and of course, Arlo’s right hand man on-stage and off.

Against his will and better judgment, Abe has also been caught performing with his sisters Cathy, Annie, and Sarah Lee as the G Babes (www.g-babes.net) . This unique family ensemble can be found at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, OK for their annual performance (www.woodyguthrie.org).

Projects of note:
1991 – Xavier / 5 song EP   (writer, musician, producer, graphic artist)

1995 - Arlo Guthrie / Alice’s Restaurant Revisited  (musician, assist. producer, graphic artist)

1996 - Arlo Guthrie / Mystic Journey  (musician, assist. producer, writer, graphic artist)

1996 - Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger / More Together Again  (musician, engineer)

1998 - Arlo Guthrie / 32 Cents  (musician, engineer, producer)

1998 - Rick Robbins & Rory Block / Don’t Deny My Name  (engineer)

2000 - Xavier / Full Circle  (writer, musician, engineer, producer, graphic artist)

2006 - Arlo Guthrie / Live In Sydney  (musician, engineer, producer, graphic artist)

2008 - Harbour Grace CD (recordist, engineer, producer)
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